Bonnabel Boat Launch
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Pictures of boats coming and going.
The boat launch is very busy on the weekends but slows down during the weekends. Here are some pictures of boats coming and going from the launch area. There is plenty of parking for your car and boat trailer. Right now the area is being worked on and will be even larger than it is now.
The JPSP will have their Maritime Office built on this site to the right of the 1st top picture. This will allow them a quick response to problems in the lake. These pictures were taken August 2010.

This boat launch has really changed from when I use to fish out there back in the 1960's. At that time there were 2 launch spots and the pumping station was right there. Now the pumping station is in its own area with its own water channel.

If anybody has any pictures from back in the old days of this area I will post them here and put your name next to the picture.
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