Bonnabel Boat Launch
Fishing Pier
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The fishing pier was around 200 feet straight out at the middle of the T and then about 100 feet in both directions.


In the picture to the right you can see the lighted fishing pier. The fishing pier is on the right side of the picture and is T shaped. It is a very nice pier with fenced railings so your younger children are safe. The railing goes up about 5 feet. The water is between 5 to 7 feet deep depending on the tide. I would imagine it would be a good place to crab and maybe catch some small fish. Maybe croakers and catfish. Nobody was out their fishing when I took my pictures. I hope to go back out there in the fall and try fishing there for myself. Up against the rocks in the shallow water I saw what looked like brim but I'm no sure.

Fishing Pier goes out about 200 feet and is well lighted.


To me this looks like a good place to do some crabbing. Get yourself some round nets and chicken necks and have some fun.